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Millions of vehicles are recalled each year due to quality and safety issues.  Is yours one of them?  Find out here.

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  • I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know…

    I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know…

    We all know how Crank loves to do research.  This week he dug up the most obscure but interesting facts about the automotive industry.  Did you know there is a road that can hold up to 160 cars SIDE-BY-SIDE?  And you thought traffic in your city was bad!More »
  • Worst Cars Ever Sold in the US

    Worst Cars Ever Sold in the US

    Join the crew as they talk about the WORST cars ever pawned off on US car buyers.  If you thought the Yugo was bad, check out some of these!More »
  • Bizarre Traffic Laws Around the World

    Bizarre Traffic Laws Around the World

    Join Crank & The Car Chick as they uncover the most bizarre traffic laws in the world, including right here at in the States!   Find out where it is illegal to drive with a gorilla in the car.  You wouldn't want to get pulled over for that.More »
  • Auto Industry Predictions for 2017

    Auto Industry Predictions for 2017

    Crank & The Car Chick get out their crystal ball and predict what will happen in the automotive industry in 2017 and beyond.More »
  • Best Sellers with Wheels for 2016

    Best Sellers with Wheels for 2016

    Crank & our illustrious producer, Chris Pardo, discuss the best sellers for 2016 of all things with wheels.  The Car Chick calls in from home to keep her germs (cold) away from the studio.More »

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The Car Chick talks about the best and worst models and trends for 2017 in her review of the Charlotte International Auto Show.  Don't miss her "Pick of the Show" and the infamous "WTF?!? Award".

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Car Care Tips

Tip of the Week

The start of Autumn means football games, changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes.  Or, in our case, BBQs, tail gaiting and Budweiser. The cooler temperatures of Fall can also bring on that dreaded "low tire pressure".  Air pressure in a tire decreases 1-2 pounds for ever degree in temperature drop. Check your air pressure when the tires are cold, and add air as needed to return the pressure to the proper psi, as stated in your owner's manual. You should repeat this check every month throughout the fall and winter, as air temperatures continue to drop and fluctuate.

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